Q & A

A18:The left one is for overload protection which avoids over-discharging and

decreasing the lifetime of battery. The right one is for selecting the battery type. UP

means 4-cell battery;DOWN means 6-cell battery. Please refer to the following photos:





KNRm battery



KNR battery

A17:NO, it doesn’t.

Because the KNR driver has already combined with DC motor, you can directly use it

upon connecting motor with the signal and power lines.

Please click here to review



DC M motor

DC L motor


19 W

26 W


17.3 kg-cm

61.7 kg-cm


425 RPM

165 RPM




A15:You can use USB HUB.

A14:All wireless cards with a driver code. Please install the driver of wireless network into your PC or NB. Upon finishing installation, please key in the driver code and search for your IP address.

A13:Yes. It can use Wi-Fi wireless.

A12:The reason might be the battery over-discharge.

The KNR set provides 14.8V 3300mAh lithium polymer battery.

Please refer to Q&A 22 to avoid battery over- discharge.

(If the voltage is below 10V, please E-mail to : Kem@kkinc.com.tw)

A11:Battery charging as following photos

A10:The KNR uses 12~26 battery voltage.

A9:There are 7 LEGO sensors,as below:

Touching sensor、Temperature sensor、Ultrasonic sensor、Hitechnic of EOPD

sensor、Accelerometer sensor、Compass sensor、and Color sensor.

A8:Please refer to the teaching video.

A7:Please refer to the teaching video.

A6:Yes. There are tricycle and wagon module curriculums. Please click here to


A5:Yes. The KNR controller needs to install the driver. Please click here to download

A4:Yes. You need to install the software of KNR OS3.0 Toolkit as well.

Please click here to download.

A3: It is single license version of LabVIEW2013, including FPGA、RealTime、Robotics

and Vision Module.

A2: It’s LabVIEW. You can use LabVIEW to control the KNR. There is the software installation of LabVIEW 2013 inside the KNR box. Please click here to set up and make sure the installation is successfully complete.

A1:You will receive five KNR boxes as below, and the labels on the package shown what is it
a. KNRm Controller
b. KNRm I2C Sensor Adaptor Module
c. KNRm DC M+L Motor
d. KNRm RC Servo Control Module


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